African Entrepreneur Spotlight: Transforming Plastic into Fashion and Décor

Plastics are Everywhere! A direct consequence of us polluting our environment. The need for innovative solutions has never been more urgent. Climate change and threats to human health are looming challenges. Adejoke Lasisi has taken it upon herself to tackle this issue head-on.


Adejoke Lasisi serves as the CEO of Planet 3R, a venture dedicated to transforming textile and plastic waste into valuable, eco-friendly products. Guided by the principles of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), she has successfully turned waste into treasure.

At Planet 3R, Adejoke breathes life into waste, with a primary focus on converting 'pure water' sachets and textile waste into eco-friendly bags, clothes etc. Her approach to addressing this critical issue extends beyond mere recycling. She believes in engaging with primary sources, such as schools and communities, to sensitise them about the importance of maintaining a clean environment. Adejoke knows that preventing waste from ending up in drains in the first place is a more effective approach.


Adejoke's journey began within the realm of Aso Oke weaving at the age of 9, a skill passed down from her mother. Observing the overwhelming waste in her community, she saw an opportunity to turn a problem into a solution. She utilised her weaving skills to repurpose the waste she encountered. Initially, the products faced challenges, but the feedback she received was a mix of excitement and fascination. Some wondered how they could wear something made from waste, while others marvelled at the transformation of seemingly useless materials into wonderful creations.

Today, Adejoke Lasisi is not just a success story but also a beacon for young innovators. Planet 3R actively trains youths on effective ways to generate income through recycling.


Adejoke's dedication has resulted in the creation of 50 eco-friendly products, including 10,000 recycled cloth and nylon pieces. She has empowered 1,000 unemployed youths, conducted 50 creative awareness programs, and provided recycling training to 4,300 students. Furthermore, Planet 3R has employed 16 innovators, contributing to job creation.


Above all, Planet 3R remains committed to its vision of creating a world without textile and plastic waste. Adejoke Lasisi, an inspiring African female entrepreneur, is leading the way in the fight against environmental pollution.