Bull Sauces

We absolutely love the chilli sauce and the other products on offer at Bull Sauces. There's so much potential for lots of people to have access to these great products.

  • 01Name of brand

    Bull Sauces

  • 02Where you can find it

    Nairobi, Kenya

  • 03Type of product

    Fresh Foods

  • 04Product Packaging

    Packaging for the sauces come in glass jars that can be repurposed for other uses. We particularly love the logo design and how much it embodies the founder's story.

  • 05Shelf Life

  • 06Shipping

    Deliveries are done weekly on selected days

  • 07Customer Service

    The owner of Bull Sauces is a joy to interact with. He is very quick with his response and you can tell he is super passionate about his customers and the product.

  • 08Overall MadeIn! Score


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